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Collin FOCUS Fall Camp 2021

Welcome back to my ministry update at Collin FOCUS! God is continuously growing at our campus this year from COVID and I am blown away! Just look at our group photo at fall camp. I didn't think our ministry would have a huge turnout of students wanting to take their weekend to spend time with God and fellowship, but boy I was wrong. God continues to be faithful to the students who I met at the Preston Ridge campus that are seeking what a full purpose of life looks like through Jesus. I ask you to keep praying with me for our students and student leaders to grow more to find their fulfillment in Jesus. Here's what's been happening this past October.

Fall Camp 2021!

Here's a video of our staff team going against 10 strong male and female students in a game of tug-of-war. See who wins ;)

These two great guys are Carlos (left) and Diego (right). You guys remember Diego from my previous blog (click here), and he is growing so much and seeks opportunities to be a disciple of Jesus on the Collin campus. WHAT A HUGE PRAISE TO GOD! Carlos and I met a few years ago, but I did not remember him (haha!!). He reached out to me to catch up and I invited him to Fall Camp at the last min and thought he wouldn't come. Let me tell you...He came to Fall Camp! I was blown away and super encouraged by Carlos's willingness to give up his weekend to come to meet new people and worship God. What a God deal! What's even better is seeing Carlos and Diego, right off the bat, became close friends for a few short hours. This really touches my heart and God is teaching me about Spanish culture through them. I love them a lot.

Our Wednesday CORE group photo. Some of them who are not in the picture couldn't make it to Fall Camp. 

Combine worship night with our sister ministry at UNT and TWU F.O.C.U.S.

This semester, I had the honor to speak in front of our students and lead discussion questions to reflect our sermon series "Life to the Full"

Keep FOCUS Growing

Every year our ministry puts up a fundraising to help us keep growing financially to grow disciples on the college campuses. While our missionaries raise their own support, that doesn’t provide money for evangelistic events and materials, administrative costs, or money to seize new opportunities that come up during the year. The extra investments from our annual fundraiser make sure we are poised and ready for what God is doing on campuses around the DFW area. God has already done so many incredible things, but we know we’ve hardly scratched the surface of the real need! Only a small fraction of the students on our campuses are involved in a Christian ministry, and many schools in DFW are void of Christian community altogether. Even among the students who have experienced real transformation in Christ, we know He isn’t finished with them. Your investment makes a difference. 

So that you know the money you give here is managed and spent well, we have been accredited by the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). ECFA accreditation is based on standards of financial accountability, transparency, sound board governance, and ethical fundraising.

I want to invite you to prayerfully consider in giving to help us keep growing on November 30th. Your support means a lot to us not only for the staff, but the students who are impacted by your monetary gift and prayers. We thank you for your continuous support!


I asked two guys who I get weekly time and study the Bible with to share their thoughts and answer the following question: How has Jesus personally given you life to the full?

Take a moment to read their response and join me praising God together of His faithfulness in growing and bringing life to the full on the college campuses. 
Diego De Leon: "Jesus changed my life completely from a guy with different perspectives about how to live a life to the fullest. I used to think that by me having everything I needed like Economic and emotionally wise my life was going to always supply me with everything that I always have wanted and dreamed about. But God changed the perspective of how I used to see life and its purpose. He changed me from the point where he shows me who I really used to be. I was selfish, who had no compassion for others that needed help, scared to declare his faith to others and live the life that God was calling me to live. I was scared of not fitting in the style of how to live life to the fullest at the style that others were doing it. Today, Jesus has given me the opportunity to live life to the fullest by showing me how to live as a Christian, a Christian who doesn’t only care about his own good, but the good of others who are lost in the corrupt world that we have today by declaring that Jesus is my lord and savior who has put a purpose in my life. Something that I have learned is that God is that Guide in that journey that you and I have been committed to follow, and that journey is called living a life where God has given us the opportunity to live it with love, kindness, respect, self-control, and discipline."

Grayson Klosowski: "Jesus has given me power in life. He is the King of Kings and I always trust in him when I need help in general. I believed God was present in my childhood and he is truly amazing and I couldn’t get through life without him. I am getting baptized later this month and I am excited for when that happens and he definitely has changed me as a person in a positive way. God is everything you need like when I struggle in pain I call to him everyday."

Prayer Request

1. I'm still fundraising and am very close to reaching my max to be fully supported this year. If you know anyone or feel moved to give towards my ministry, please contact me! Your support matters so much and is grateful for your generous gift and prayers.

2. Keep reaching the Preston Ridge (Frisco) students. I ask God to help me be patient and keep reaching out to any student who is looking for God that they will be pointed to our community

3. We're asking our College board for a scholarship to support our students to go to Winter camp this year. Each year, we request money from Collin College for winter camp for our students to go. Every year they grant us more money than we request, and we hope they will support us again.

Thank you

I want to give a big shout-out to my supporters through monetary and prayers. Your support and friendship are valuable to me! I appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and supports throughout this year and it's a blessing to get to do what I do for college students. Please reach out any way I can bless and serve you this year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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