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A New Beginning

Ministry & Life Updates      Hello, support team! This past month has been bonkers with Texas weather going from warm and sunny to snow and icy roads. When we faced snow and critical road conditions, our fellowship nights had to be canceled because the campus closed for all students who commute to each campus. The neat side to that is our team created an online hang out to replace TNF (Thursday Night Fellowship) like Discord and Zoom to play online games (i.e; Jackbox, Codenames, and Scribble). This was pretty fun being my first time exploring Discord and how the website works. A lot of our students have used Discord mostly to chat and stream with friends from across the metroplex. Plus, this made it easier for my guys in core who can't make it to Plano for TNF were able to join Discord and that was encouraging. The Preston Ridge campus (PRC) is showing some promises of students becoming interested in Jesus when Adriana and I have been on campus talking to students. The hard th