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The Good Shepherd: Knowing the Shepherd’s Voice

Knowing the Shepherd’s Voice:       Hey everyone! If you are new to reading this blog, please check out I wrote last month called  The Good Shepherd: Who is the good Shepherd?  I felt called by God to share a three-part blog series on how I have seen God as the good shepherd in my life and on our campuses. In John chapter 10:1-18, Jesus teaches this metaphorical parable of a shepherd who looks after his sheep, and Jesus professes the truth that he is the good shepherd. The shepherd knows his sheep. Therefore God knows his people. But how do the sheep know and recognize the shepherd? Here's a video clip to see an example of how the sheep recognize the true shepherd's voice.      Three people attempt their best to mimic the shepherd's voice to call them over but failed. When they heard the shepherd spoke and called out to his sheep, their heads perked up and moved together towards him. All the sheep can tell by the distinctive tone of the shepherd's voice when he calls ou