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Fall 2021!!

First Thursday Night Fellowship (TNF)! Let The School Year Begin! Okay! A lot has happened over this past month, and to me, it felt like riding a fast roller coaster. Our staff met together for an all-staff retreat to rejuvenate, grow and rest with God, and fellowship with cross-campus staff. SICM happened just two days after staff retreat, and let me tell you; this campsite was beautiful ( see the picture below )!!  At SICM, we went to Camp Eagle down in Rocksprings, TX, where we spent a reasonable amount of time learning from our campus directors about evangelism, leading a Bible study, and building Jesus center friendships. We had activities to choose from during our free time, like swimming or jumping on the blob (water trampoline) in the river, kayaking, hiking around the camp, and zip lining across the campsite. Our students left SICM feeling challenged, encouraged, and excited to be back on their campuses to do ministry. Tom Grant, a student at Collin this year, shared his takea