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God's Covenant Design

MARRIED! Wow! It finally came and I get to call Caitlin, MY WIFE. At first, it didn't hit us, and we were processing that at the wedding. Now when I look at my wedding band on my finger, I am reminded of the covenant promise I made to Caitlin before God and His people. Being Caitlin's husband for almost a month has taught me a lot about her, marriage, and the goodness of God's character. Of course, there are blessings and challenges that I have witnessed firsthand with her, but what is so important is that God remains loyal to his perfect covenant with his valuable broken people. Covenant If you are married and reading this, I pray the words I share from the Spirit of God will encourage you and maybe challenge you if He's stirring your heart in a particular way. To anyone single and reading this, I pray these words will enable you to know the majesty of God's covenant we are all made for. The word covenant is used over 300 times in different translations. In the