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He Calms the Storm

A storm is coming... Imagine you're outside. It's sunny, warm and the sky is blue. You're enjoying your day, and you notice there's a group of dark clouds, and it looks like it's about to rain. You ignore the clouds and continue to go through your bright day..then, the sun starts to cover up, and a few rain droplets splash on your face. You look up and that group of clouds has now dropped a rain bomb on you. You weren't prepared and didn't bring rain gear with you. Finally, you rushed into your house safe, but you're all soaked and cold from the rain. From the looks of this storm, you think it might take a while to stop. Here's an example. This photo is not mine and I cannot take credit for it. I found it on Google.  This was how I pictured our community, and the world this last month. Some were paying attention to this pandemic crisis going on, but others...not so much. The coronavirus is a storm I did not see coming until spring break