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Full of Life

  Collin FOCUS Fall Camp 2021 Welcome back to my ministry update at Collin FOCUS! God is continuously growing at our campus this year from COVID and I am blown away! Just look at our group photo at fall camp. I didn't think our ministry would have a huge turnout of students wanting to take their weekend to spend time with God and fellowship, but boy I was wrong. God continues to be faithful to the students who I met at the Preston Ridge campus that are seeking what a full purpose of life looks like through Jesus. I ask you to keep praying with me for our students and student leaders to grow more to find their fulfillment in Jesus. Here's what's been happening this past October. Fall Camp 2021! Here's a video of our staff team going against 10 strong male and female students in a game of tug-of-war. See who wins ;) These two great guys are Carlos (left) and Diego (right). You guys remember Diego from my previous blog ( click here ), and he is growing so much and seeks op