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Goodbye 2020!

 What. A. YEAR!!! The moment we've been waiting for has finally come. I was thinking about the song "Hit the Road Jack" by Ray Charles and we can all say to 2020, "HIT THE ROAD JACK"! This blog is going to be very short but with lots of pictures over the month. We ended our Fall semester with a winter worship night, and 50+ of our collin students came to praise our God. When the semester is over that doesn't mean we clock out from God. During the winter break, our staff team read over a book called Money & Power by Jacques Ellul (I know the title could be misleading). The book is about  the attitudes toward wealth from the Old Testament to the New Testament, Jacques Ellul discusses both societal and individual responsibilities related to the use of money and power. This book is a good read and challenging to think through, but it's helped me think differently about money and the role it plays. What has God been teaching you over the holidays? I had t