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Look for Opportunities

 As this school year is coming to an end, I can sense the students and myself feeling tempted to go into cruise control and to let the school year end without extra effort. It's easy to give in to laziness and the same old routine until the work is completed. I had experienced this when I was a student, and today the same temptation of laziness still affects me in ministry. When April hits, you're counting the days till summer begins, and that's what every student thinks and hopes for.  I am reminded of an axiom we teach our students to "finish well." "Finish Well" is an axiom we use to teach our students to finish well. This speaks about a valuable lesson to finish with a purpose, not just good enough. How you finish is probably how you'll be remembered. I first participated in a track meet in 7th grade. I ran the one-mile run, and if you never ran track in school or don't know how long one-mile is, it's four laps around. When they called th