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Good Good Summer

Our ministry came up with a plan to have in-person TNF small group. The students were very grateful to meet in person for the first time. Hey friends! Hope all of you are enjoying this summer season and staying cool. Somehow, summer in July is always hotter in Texas than June. I saw this meme that describes Texas summer and thought it was super funny! As the summer comes to a close, reflect on how God has blessed you this season. I think it's so easy for us to focus on the negative things around us and not look at the good things God has blessed us with that we should be grateful for. I'm thankful every time I get to spend time with my Lord, who teaches me, befriends me, and loves me every day, and that's so restful to me. One thing he's teaching me this year is one word, "patience." Why Patience? I can be very impatient when I make mistakes or want to see improvement in myself and it's taking a long time or being anxious to know what my plans and future