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New changes this year!

 Coming Back to PRC!! I have exciting news to share with you this coming school year. This year as our staff team is growing and more new Collin College campuses are opening this fall, our staff will be splitting up into pairs to oversee their campus for outreach and forming small groups. This year I will be at Preston Ridge Campus (PRC) in Frisco and the Wylie Campus! I'm very excited to be back at PRC because this campus is where I first started my ministry as a student at Collin FOCUS. Going back to this campus brings back memories of the courtyard where all the students hang out and walk to classes. I will be leading a small group at PRC with a student name Tom Grant. My first year leading core at PRC circa 2015-2016. It's so crazy 6 years has gone by!! I was walking around PRC and praying with God for the campus, and I noticed this garden patch dried up. I took a picture and reflected on this image. This dry patch of soil shows me how are students on campus are in a dry se