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Summer Updates

Hey everybody, so Summer FOCUS is going smoothly, it's so nice to see people in-person again! Ministry is trucking along, and fundraising has been going. Here's some life updates that I want to share about! Summer FOCUS is finally back! We meet at CARE Church in Richardson to have a building to worship and hear our staff give a sermon to our students. This photo is super encouraging to see everyone back together and worshipping God. Our sermon series we've been going through is "seeking a deeper intimacy with Jesus". Our staff who have been selected to give a sermon share their vulnerable stories how amazing Jesus is, and continues to grow them in their journey of struggles. Pray our students will be impacted by their stories to seek a deeper intimacy with God through Jesus. My friend Austin got married to one of our staff members Taylor this past month. This was a sweet moment to see one of my close friends taking a next step in life. Austin and I met back in Col