Ripples and Waves (My Final Ministry Update)

As I was pondering what to write about in my last ministry blog with F.O.C.U.S, I asked God for a prompt or theme, and He responded with an image in my head of a single water drop in an ocean and seeing ripples flow across the sea. If you are not familiar with what ripples are, they are small waves or series of waves on the water's surface. They are especially caused by an object dropping into it or a slight breeze. Ripples are the instant effect of wind on water and they die down as quickly as they form, as the surface tension of the water dampens their efforts. If a wind blows steadily across a large enough patch of water for a few hours then the ripples become waves and these will not be dampened so easily. Ripples are mostly affected when the water surface is calm. By throwing the rock or dripping a single water drop into the river, you have given the water some energy. That causes the water to move around, trying to spread out the energy so it can go back to having a still, flat surface.

I look back at 10 years ago as a college student in F.O.C.U.S how God's Ruah (Hebrew word for "Spirit") has made a "ripple effect" at Collin College and how I have been impacted by His spirit. My life prior to following Jesus was once a flat water surface that was comfortable following my desires while I still claimed Jesus is Lord. The Lord dropped living water truths into me through faithful disciples I met who are faucets to The Living Water (John 4:10-26). Because of God's gentle love for me, He has created a ripple in me to carry that ripple that someday will be waves.

Throughout my years in ministry at Collin F.O.C.U.S, I am most humbled and honored to see the gospel of Jesus moved at Collin College at three different campuses from being a corefa to a staff-level minister. 
I praise God for impacting guys like Albert Rodriguez, Cody Ehmke, Nathaniel Dolores, Ricardo Ramirez, Adrian MedranoAustin Nelson, Tom Grant, Jeremy Jungermann, Gunnar Geddie, Mason Young, and Diego DeLeon as they are sent into the world to bless their neighbors as He has blessed them.

I thank and praise God for men like Christian Drago, Adam Chaibainou, Johnny Dickinson, Andrew Klentzman, Max Ferris, Ryan GrayStian Valnes, Elijah Rider, Collin Doyle, Liam Hayes, Cedric WalkerAlden de Amras, and Kolton Ehlert responding to Jesus' call to go and make disciples wherever the Lord has sent them.

I give glory to God by lighting up His holiness at the McKinney campus who have seen the light. To Cameron Leaskey, Brianna Becker, Caleb TorresStephen Buhler, Ryan Schick, Erik Keener, Joscelyn Boggs, Cameron Billings, and Ryan Havens, I thank you for being an impact of God's ripples on the McKinney campus that was once flat.

The list could go on but it will be too long to write in that span of 10 years...the important thing is to reflect on the legacy God has helped me leave with at Collin FOCUS that one ripple will turn into a giant wave. I praise God for the people before me, 20 years ago, who faithfully obeyed God's calling and now see the fruit it has now produced that will last generations. Thank you.

Finally to my support team, you mean a lot and I thank you for your partnership and prayers throughout the past three years I've been on staff. I hope these updates have made a tiny drop of Jesus' truth to you that will carry to your family, friends, and coworkers. I pray God will use you like a faucet to pour God's truth that will fill them up like a well and never runs dry.

With this final update, I share some good news. I will be transitioning to CityHouse in Plano full-time this summer to be a direct care member. My role will be to engage and build relationships with children that have gone through trauma and abuse homelife. My goal is still planning to be a teacher in public schools, but I felt the Spirit call me in this direction to see humanity from a different perspective. Pray for me to gain wisdom in this work field.

And now...Here are some photos to reflect gratitude in my 10 years with F.O.C.U.S.


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